Lectin-Free Diet - My Brief Review

A new diet trend is out based on a popular book now claiming that lectins are bad for our health – causing inflammation and being the root cause of weight gain. Lectins are proteins that are found naturally in plants and animals, including many HEALTHY foods including whole grains, legumes and seeds, dairy, eggs, and some fruits and vegetables.  I already see how this is diet that can result in weight loss – you’ll have a hard time finding anything that you CAN eat on this diet!



The basis of this “lectins are harmful” claim is that in animal studies and cell studies, these proteins have been shown to be resistant to digestion, which can end up harming the cells of the digestive tract. The human evidence? Non existent.

This diet is almost to easy to debunk.  There is a large body of evidence linking higher consumption of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, legumes, with lower body weight! Same goes for the whole of these foods in inflammation – these foods contain numerous ANTI-inflammatory nutrients. The overexaggerated “dangers” of the small amount of lectin in these foods are unlikely to outweigh the known benefits of a diet containing nutrient packed fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains.

This “Lectin-free” diet is just another example of how people can pick and choose evidence to support their new bandwagon diet.

Jump off that bandwagon, and work with a nutrition professional! I believe in working together to find an individual and realistic approach to nutrition that meets your medical needs and fits within your lifestyle and goals. 

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